At Design and Application Concepts we specialize in providing unique hand-built custom features and remodeling for your home or business. At DNA Concepts we like to let the customers use their imagination to the fullest and it’s ourjob to figure out how to give a proper design for the applications they desire. We are always adapting and looking for new age designs and techniques to enhance our creation process. We specialize in mixing metal, wood or stone together to create modern effects, also using LED lights to highlight and enhance the visual experience with bold colors or materials creating something that is one of a kind.

At WebbDna.com we have experience designing and creating custom tables, chandeliers, kitchens, baths and a lot more. We have a woodworking/metal fabrication shop and do stone work ourselves. We are networked with local contractors in Southern California. We can bring them in for maximum customer satisfaction and still have our hands in the design and application process.custom tables upland ca